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A creative private music licensing bank.

Artists – content creators – licensees

Bespoke Music

AB Youniverse’s main focus is to stand out and be different. We do not associate ourselves with a generic sound, but ones of many different flavours.

We started of in our home town in the UK Birmingham – and are now making waves internationally.

Over here we acknowledge the importance of staying true to yourself and letting the art speak for itself.

Our intetion here is to also educate composers, producers, artists & creatives. We know there are many origins and ways that sound effects us all on a emotional resonance and a natural science into our way of life.

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Our Story

AB Youniverse began as young composer, making music for fun and searching for new ways to evolve sound. Once I began re-creating sounds a newer level of confidence came, which lead to working with artists all around my home town, as well as internationally. I was offorderd the opportunity to attend a music educational space, that allowed me to learn from many different creatives that were just as passionate or even more about music then me.

In our music research department we have not only found the key fundamentals of composing but also the esoteric orgins of it also which is the foundation of our journey.

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