1. what does licensing mean?

In the music business, it means that the owner or producer of the song allows you (or whoever wants the license) some limited rights to use the beat, recordings, sales, radio plays, streaming, and commercial use etc. You will not own the composition, the producer does. The producer let you use the instrumental, but the producer also can allow more people to use the same beat because the producer is the owner of the compostion. You will not own the composition by licensing instrumentals, only if you can get the Exclusive Rights of it.

2. Will I own the instrumental once I purchase it from you?

No. All purchases made from us are non-exclusive. This means that the AB Youniverse
still owns the rights and we will still be able to license it to other clients.


3. Will all voice tags be removed once I buy the instumental?

Yes. Once the instrumental is purchased, you will receive the untagged files.
So the MP3/WAV will be without the AB Youniverse voicetag.

Payment & Downloads

1. When will I recieve my instrumental?

The moment a purchase is made, a download link will become available.



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